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Studio info:

Studio: Deep Taiga
email: iHateMondays (at)
Twitter: @DeepTaiga
Instagram: i_fell_from_grace
Facebook: IfellfromGrace

Game Info:

Name: I fell from Grace
Launch Platform: PC
Release Date: December 20th 2017
Genre: Adventure
Format: 2D Side scrolling pixel graphics
Steam Page: I fell from Grace


Studio Logo

Studio Logo

Game Logo

Game Logo


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Your name is Henry, mid-forties your rough age.
Swept up in crippling debt, you’re stuck in a cage.

Your career is not where it ought to be right now.
Others get promoted, but you “lack the know-how”.

But keep up a brave face, at least for your dying wife,
when she is gone what will be left of worth in your life?

Then one day the miracle, out of nowhere the promise of a cure.
You’ll get your life back, along with a promotion, that’s for sure!


I fell from Grace is a retro style adventure game with side scrolling 2D pixel graphics, that blends storytelling and puzzle solving.

Set in modern day Maine, it has a stark storyline set against a backdrop of never-ending autumn rain, where the protagonist fights to keep things above water juggling his struggling (read: failing) career in medical research, and caring for his terminally ill wife. A mystery cure presents itself one day, however things take a pretty sinister turn once he starts trying to figure out where it came from.

Your story unfolds in different ways based upon decisions you as a player make, throughout the game.