Henry, the protagonist, is a tired and jaded man.
Putting on a brave face, doing the best he can.

A brave face, for his slowly dying darling wife Grace,
but it’s taking its toll to watch her deteriorating face.

Secret wishes linger for everything to be done,
so she can meet their unborn daughter or son.

In secret he blames her for what happened that day.
She fell down the steps, her pregnancy went away.

Despite the mounting medical bills and crippling debt,
he puts on his fake smile and tries his best not to fret.

He likes to think that deep down he’s a truly good person.
That remains to be seen when his struggles will worsen.


Grace is Henry’s loyal, kind and ever-loving wife.
Terminal illness destined to shortly take her life.

She is at peace with what’s about to beset her,
despite it all coming on so quickly, it’s all a blur.

Her soon to be ending life now spent in their bed.
Her skin paler each day, no fear of being dead.

She worries about Henry, and the debt left behind.
With his current pay, his remaining life will be a grind.

She quietly blames herself for what happened that day.
She fell down those stairs, her pregnancy went away.

For Henry, she’s the only source of warmth and support.
It’s the only reason she laments her time left is so short.



Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones lives next door to Henry and Grace.
Not from Maine, she’s from a southern place.

Thick southern accent expressed with pride.
A bit past her prime, her wrinkles she’ll hide.

Loves to flirt, especially with Henry next door.
The blushing it causes, makes her crave more.

She has a fierce reputation of being a loose lady,
who’ll bring home anyone, no matter how shady.

Dr. Richards

Dr. Richards is an old family friend and Henry’s mentor in work.
Always protecting Henry from his manager, who’s a real jerk.

Whatever the issue, if Henry runs late or is strapped for cash,
Dr. Richards will be there to support him in an instant flash.

Tasked with announcing Grace’s illness was of a terminal sort,
he does all that he can to lend emotional and financial support.

He is the most well-respected man where they work and play,
First to arrive in the morning, last to leave at the end of the day.

He dreads his retirement day, that’s no longer a faraway event.
In denial for such long time, his retirement savings are spent.




Harris is the chief of security where Henry is employed,
anyone that’s dealt with him, says he’s someone to avoid.

He loves throwing his weight around in inappropriate ways.
Always with a chip on his shoulder for failures in early days.

He wanted to be a cop, and he wanted to be a soldier too.
With multiple failed applications, this is the best he could do.

As crooked as they come, there are plenty of rumours afloat.
Dabbling in criminal activities, no hesitation to slit your throat.


Doris works in the company subsidised canteen.
Somewhat fixated on keeping her knives clean.

Always full of raw, bitter anger, bordering on unrepentant rage,
She’s the only one that Harris’ intimidating nature can upstage.

With a past shrouded in mystery, rumours everyone will know.
Was she involved with the “hobo dissapearings” many years ago?

Some say she’ll cut you into pieces if you ever cross her blade.
Others say she’s just stuck up and tense, in need of getting laid.

Detective Mills

Detective Mills is a battle-hardened veteran of the local police force.
Not afraid to get his hands dirty, for a broken nose he feels no remorse.

Being lead investigator of the hobo disappearings left him a jaded man.
Crippling gambling and drinking habits are sure to shorten his lifespan.

If you were to ask him at the end of the day, he’s still fighting the good fight.
It saddens him to see his hometown slowly dying with the autumn sunlight.

The Manager

Henry’s manager really does not care for him.
He feels his mentor should let him sink or swim.

He finds his inability to finish projects on time infuriating.
And his constant lateness is nothing if not very frustrating.

He’s looking for any excuse to get Henry fired.
He curses the day Dr. Richards go him hired.

He’s a man that lacks any sort of sympathy for anyone.
If there was profit to be made, he’d sell his own son.


Sandy is a tragic young woman who married the wrong person at the wrong time.
Her husband now gone missing, chasing wild conspiracies of murderous crime.

She waits ever patiently at the steps of the apartment building they call home.
Their home is near to where the “hobo disappearings” murderer used to roam.